The estate of over 5000 ha of undulating land has held, since 1999, deer, fallow deer and wild boars which are chased with hounds in winter and hunted from a hide or by stalking in the months of summer and autumn. Small game are partridges reared for driven or rough shooting with pointers, as well as doves, pigeons and ducks. Hare and rabbit are not hunted due to their importance as a prey species, being at the top of the food chain for various predators of high status in terms of conservation.

Próximas Montarias

Dates Manchas Nº Postos Cupo
13 fev 2016 Casa Figueira 23 S/ Cupo
14 fev 2016 Arrobinhas 33 S/ Cupo


In terms of large game, Herdade do Peral has an abundant population of cervids (deer and fallow deer) benefiting from excellent natural conditions for food production, which is strengthened in critical periods by feed from cultivated areas. Wild boars are also plentiful and provide good results for both chasing with hounds and hunting from a hide on moonlit nights. Herdade do Peral occupies a high position in the national ranking in terms of quantity and quality of trophies presented to the National Trophy Homologation Commission (CIC).


Of note in terms of small game is the great density of red partridges due to the natural conditions of the vast steppe land, cultivated with dry land crops alternating with fallow land and low scrub, forming an ideal varied crop mosaic. The period for driven or rough shooting with pointers is from October to January. Due to the large population of these species, lovers of hunting can enjoy excellent hunting parties. In terms of migratory species, pigeons and ducks are also abundant.

Hunting season: from August to February.